Swallowed By The New

by Glen Phillips

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Criminal Career
Leaving Oldtown
The Easy Ones
Grief and Praise
There's Always More
Held Up
Reconstructing the Diary


releases October 7, 2016

Produced and Engineered by Paul Bryan
Mixed by Pete Min
Mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar - Glen Phillips
Drums - Jay Bellerose
Bass - Paul Bryan
Guitar - Chris Bruce
Keyboards - Jebin Bruni
Vocals on (2, 6, 7, 10) - Ruby Amanfu
Vocals on (9) - Amber Rubarth
Vocals on (5) - Freya Phillips
Violin and Concert Master - Eric Gorfain
Violin - Daphne Chen
Viola - Leah Katz
Cello - Richard Dodd
Strings by The Section Quartet
Arranged by Paul Bryan

Design by Sean McCue
Photographs by Glen Phillips

Management by Steve Smith for Smith HQ Management &
Josh Terry for Workshop Management, assisted by Jenn Stookey
Booking by Adam Bauer for Fleming Artists
Business Management by Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman, LLP
Publicity by Monica Hopman at Think Press

Thank you to my four families - blood, chosen, music and medicine.
It’s your voices that bring me back to the path when I am lost.

All songs by Glen Phillips / Baptistina (ASCAP) except:
Go: Glen Phillips / Baptistina (ASCAP) & Kris Orlowski (BMI) / Songs Of SMP (ASCAP)
Amnesty: Glen Phillips / Baptistina (ASCAP) & Ben Glover / Carpe Vita Creative (PRS)
There’s Always More: Glen Phillips / Baptistina (ASCAP), Neilson Hubbard/ Plastic Bird Music (BMI),
& Amber Rubarth/ Inspired Music (ASCAP). (cc) 2016 Umami Music. Some Rights Reserved.




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Track Name: Amnesty
Kisses at the door, gather round the table
Papers lay in wait, envelopes to mail
Barking at my heels, I’m trying to be stable
Just leave me in the bag I’m going soon again
Dreaming of unpacking, some day i can stay
I’ll call you when i can, it’s just another day

Home feels a million miles tonight
Hope feels a little hard to find
I’m here to catch some kind of spark
In every face I see
And offer amnesty, offer amnesty

Points along the path, moments strung together
Give up on arrival, trying to remember
Everything should matter, nothing lasts forever
Oh how could I have known it’s braver to surrender
Cast off your coat and shiver in the weather
All the time I wasted chasing buried treasure

Home feels a million miles tonight
Hope feels a little hard to find
I’m trying to get some glimpse of grace
From across this endless sea
Would you offer amnesty?
Would you offer amnesty?

And I can’t go home now
No I can’t go home, I can’t go
I can’t go

Home feels a million miles tonight
Hope feels a little hard to find
We're all stumbling towards the light
And we beg to be released
Would you offer amnesty?
Would you offer amnesty?