Secrets of the New Explorers

by Glen Phillips

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released March 4, 2008

Performed, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered(ish) by Glen Phillips but with a little help from my friends on -

They'll Find Me:
John Askew - acoustic guitar, bass, tick guitar, editing, recording
Dan Phillips - shakers, additional percussion

Return To Me:
John Askew - electric guitar, drums, recording
Dan Phillips - percussion

Space Elevator -
John Askew - electric guitar, recording
Dan Phillips - virtual hi hat

Artwork by Ben Ciccati

Recorded at Ed in Santa Barbara

They'll Find Me, Return to Me, Space Elevator:
Music by Glen Phillips and John Askew
Lyrics by Glen Phillips
2008 Umami Music (ASCAP), Miniatura (ASCAP)

Solar Flare, Spirit of Shackleton, A Dream
Music and Lyrics by Glen Phillips
2008 Umami Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Glen Phillips Santa Barbara


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Track Name: They'll Find Me
16 inches between
my bedroom and infinity
i've waited 40 years
built my fortune just to be here

when the pods inflate
and i float inside

i'll be up in the sky
closer to the visitors
waiting to return with them
finally back where i should be

i remember vividly
they observed so thoroughly
till they knew me nearly completely

i'll break off from the cluster
and thrust out free from orbit
they'll find me
like they promised so long ago

up in the sky (we will find you)
up in the sky (we will find you)
up in the sky (we will not forget you)
they'll find me
Track Name: Solar Flare
goodnight moon
goodnight air
goodnight captain
in the captain's chair
goodbye teeth
and goodbye hair
you were taken by the solar flare

goodnight earth
goodnight mother
goodnight planets
still undiscovered
when you awaken
i will not be there
i was taken by the solar flare

godbless capsule
godbless crew
godbless computer
and god bless you
remember me well
and keep me in your prayers
still burning in the solar flare
i am burning in the solar flare
Track Name: Return to Me
we will see the sun rise
twice within a day
champagne through a straw, love
and tablets from the tray

with a finger i will lift you gently from your seat
and draw you near
embrace you as we spin, all grace and beauty
and when the earth regains its hold
you'll return with me

will you think of him here
when i've taken you so far?
and i have made you mine
beneath the naked stars

with a kiss i will claim you as my own
the heavens are my kingdom
the galaxy my home
so no matter where you go
you will return to me
no matter where you go
you will return to me
no matter where you go
you will return to me
Track Name: Space Elevator
take me up to the top
and don't stop
you look down
can't comprehend such a long drop
twenty thousand miles
i'm not a liar
i tell you steven tyler's wishing
he could have a piece of
this ascending movable feast
paydirt, payload, heave-ho
pack your halliburton and let's go

space elevator

we've no need for escape velocity
we're free
with every mile higher we lose the weight of gravity
climb the tether together
heading for the counterweight
up the carbon nanotube
spiderweb into space

you're gonna love it here
get undressed in the mesosphere
get so hot in the thermosphere
you know what's coming the exosphere

space elevator

don't look down don't look down don't look
Track Name: The Spirit of Shackleton
there is no exaggeration
i am truly alone
100 million clicks
and 8 long months from home

but i'm holding to my promise
i'll land and plant the flag
for god and corporation
and the glory of all man

there's no law that could touch me
my sins are mine to keep
i'm a rocket, i'm an island
and on my shore she sleeps

i'm not coming back from here
i've been too far
i'm cold but i'm not scared
in the Spirit of Shackleton

there are droplets of crimson
they surround me as they drift
bonding together
or bursting into mist
so i open up my mouth
and i offer out my tongue
they are salty and sweet
like the memory of love
Track Name: A Dream
still your voice now
listen long
only wind
and sparrow song

feel the earth
beneath your feet
the salt sea air
the sun's soft heat

they're not going to take it all away
they're not going to take it all away

empty cities
rising seas
room for hope
and simple dreams

they can have
the moon and stars
and what they've left
is only ours

they're not going to take it all away
they're not going to take it all away

life is but a dream
and it's time to wake up
oh life is but a dream
it's time to wake up

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